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I hope everyone is doing fabulously! We have recently moved our blog to another server and changed around a few things. I wanted to make sure those "following" through the website or through an RSS feed get the updated address. So come on over to VISIO's new blog and let us know what you think. I'm pretty stoked about the large images, twitter feed, lightbox integration, and much more to come shortly. Have an awesome day!

VISIO photography


allie and john

We had a great time in Columbia this past weekend with Allie and John. It was fun with family and friends at City Art for the rehearsal dinner. Then, on Saturday, the weather couldn't have been better for the ceremony at the historic Salem Black River Church. The excitement of the ceremony continued to the reception as Millstone at Adam's Pond was decorated beautifully. Mo' Soul Band kicked it up with some great music as Allie and John danced through the evening...

Allie and John,
Thank you again for allowing us to be a part of your special weekend. It was great getting to know you guys and we are looking forward to talking soon and presenting all of your images. Have a fantastic honeymoon!

Here are a few images from this weekend...


wedding festivals.

Last weekend, we exhibited at Wedding Festivals in Asheville. We want to thank everyone who came by the booth--it was a fun show! It was also great to see our friends involved in the festival, other photographers, and wedding professionals from our area. We stopped in to say hi to Corey and Jill with the new SmoochBooth and had a blast. You can check them out at www.smoochbooth.com . Here are some shots of Jen and I at the show... and no, this isn't how I usually dress (on saturdays :) ).

another new addition...

Emma wanted to make sure that I announced a new addition to our family... We found Cinnamon in an animal rescue shelter in Tennessee and she seemed like she was a perfect fit for our family. Jen and I surprised Emma just before Christmas with an "early Christmas present"--and thus, Cinnamon entered our lives.

She has been such a neat addition to the family. She's a very sweet, relaxed dog who has taken to Emma like crazy! Cinnamon is a terrier mix (we think with a Yorkie, but are unsure). She's about 10 pounds and to my delight, she doesn't bark. Well, at least we've only heard her bark twice--once at our neighbor late a night and once at one of Em's stuffed animals that Cinnamon thought was a cousin :)

Anyway, if you are ever by the studio, stop in and say hello to Cinnamon. I'm sure she'd love to meet you!


Ok, I realize that it's been too long since our last post... Wow, time flies, especially over the holidays and starting the new year. We've been doing really well over the past month. A number of shoots, but mainly getting caught up on book designs and preparing for 2009. It's going to be a great year!

A new addition...
We have a new office manager!!! Meghan is the friendly voice you'll hear as you call our studio. We are really excited to have her with VISIO and are looking forward to her continued involvement in the company as well as our family. We wanted you to get to know Meghan so below her images is a little interview we had with her the other day. As well, please write a quick post to say hello if you get a chance--I know she'd love that :)

JandJ,"How would you describe yourself?"
Meghan,"Ummmm, I think silly... loyal... and a family person; I love being with family and friends"

JandJ, "What is your favorite food?"
Meghan, "Cereal"
JandJ, "What kind is your favorite?"
Meghan,"Almost any kind--I'm not picky."

JandJ,"Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?"
Meghan,"I love the mountains!"

JandJ,"Who's your favorite artist/musician?"
Meghan,"The Avett Brothers"
JandJ,"We'll have to look them up..."

JandJ,"Who has made the biggest impact in your life?"
Meghan,"Aside from the obvious? (referring to God)
JandJ,"Yes, who else?"
Megan,"My mom."

JandJ,"What is your favorite color?"
Meghan,"Brown and Purple"

JandJ,"If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?"
Meghan,"Hmmm... (smiling) I guess a dog."
JandJ,"Why a dog?"
Meghan,"Because they're free to roam around and explore. I think also possibly a killer whale or a lion. They're amazing and beautiful animals."
JandJ,"That's quite a mix (laughing...)"

JandJ,"So where is one place you'd love to go, but haven't been?"
Meghan,"I think traveling the country in an RV would be cool. I'd love to a lot more of the country"
JandJ,"When I was younger..." (James went on a rabbit trail of childhood travels...)

JandJ,"If you had 10 million dollars, what would you do with it?"
Meghan,"I'd give to some charities"
JandJ,"What else?"
Meghan,"I'd first buy an airplane for Ian (her new husband). I'd buy my mom a house and get that RV for us... I'd probably build our dream home; not extravagant, just really nice."

We know Meghan to be as she describes as well as someone with a tender heart who loves children. We are so excited to have her on board...


new card designs...

We have received many Christmas card orders this year and want to make sure everyone knows of our new designs. In addition to the well-received 2007 Christmas editions posted here, we have five new designs for 2008. We are calling this our "Fresh Vintage" collection of Christmas cards. Be sure to add some of these beauties to your order today.

Note: Our Christmas print deadline is December 12, 2008. Please send in any card orders very shortly to send out before Christmas...







We have a new niece!

The week prior to Thanksgiving left much to be thankful for... We got to see family, fixed a major leak in our building downtown, and even caught up a little on editing. However, nothing compared to the birth of our new niece, Story Geneva! I was honored to be there for her birth, even getting to help out a little with the delivery. Story is as beautiful as her mother. We are all looking so forward to seeing the plans God has for this incredible child... Congratulations Jenn and Brent!

Below are a few "family-friendly" shots from the delivery room. As well, you can see a slideshow by clicking here.

family ties...

We had a great time a couple of weeks ago photographing an amazing family for Christmas cards... We love getting time with children as their expressions are so pure and they're just plain fun!
Here are a few shots from a shoot in our front yard. And to answer your question... no, these children aren't professional models :)


anna +jeff

Last weekend, we were privileged to photograph Anna and Jeff's wedding. We have really enjoyed getting to know this awesome couple and are looking forward to continued get-togethers. The wedding was beautiful and the reception at Coleman Place was a blast with the Firecracker Jazz Band.

Anna and Jeff,
We really enjoyed being with you guys on your special day. We hope you had an awesome honeymoon and are looking forward to seeing the pix. And yes, we do plan on getting together even after the wedding book is delivered :)

Here are a few shots from the day...


anne + johnathan

Anne and Johnathan were so much fun last week as we tried to catch some of the colors of fall. We're looking forward to their upcoming wedding... Here are a few shots from their shoot...


kristin and pete

This past weekend, we flew to Sarasota to cover Kristin and Pete's wedding. They are an awesome couple that we've been getting to know via telephone for some time now. It was great getting to finally meet and record their day.
Nicole, with NK Productions did a fantastic job of decorating and scheduling the day. Held at the Powell Crosley Estate, the atmosphere was light and comfortable with classic details. I think Pete's grandmother said it best when she said "This feels like it is from an old Hollywood film."

Following the ceremony, Men from Mars kicked it in gear with some great 80's and 90's music. It was rad :) -- Definitely an evening to remember!

Kristin and Pete, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day. It was great finally meeting you and we look forward to getting together again sometime.
J and J

Here are a few shots from the day. We'll have more up shortly...